Our Mission

At Sol Planted, our mission is to introduce Dallas to the joy of plants. Our carefully selected easy care plants with beautiful foliage are just waiting to refresh your space. Our team of plant experts ensures that every plant recipient feels confident and excited to welcome a new green friend into their home. 

Along with Saturday deliveries around Dallas-Ft. Worth, our team designs and manages plant interiorscapes for offices, hotels, and retail around the area. Visit our Business page to learn more.

Buy a Plant, Plant a Tree

Since launch, we have partnered with our friends at One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every plant sold! We see this partnership as a small step towards doing our part to tackle deforestation, the biggest driver of climate change. Many of our customers have asked to increase the donation, so we have added a feature to the cart where you can plant additional trees with your order for only $1 each (all proceeds go directly to One Tree Planted). We care deeply about the planet and creating an ongoing program with One Tree Planted just felt...natural.